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Do you wear nylons and snag a run or many runs as you are putting them on?
Are your nylons able to be worn over and over without painting nail polish patches all over them? We have the solution for you! RUNSTOP®!
Save by purchasing than ONE bottle! Purchase multiple bottles of RunStop to treat your pantyhose with extra on hand and SAVE! 1 Bottle: $7.99, 2 Bottles: $12.99, 3 Bottles ONLY $19.99 Call Anytime! 888-377-5025 | Toll Free DIRECTIONS 1. Shake bottle lightly.
2. Pour RunStop into a small bowl.
3. Saturate pantyhose and wring out.
4. Rinse with clean water.
5. Hang or lay flat to dry.
6. Use product every 3 to 4 washings. OUR FORMULA: RunStop is an all in one gentle, safe, effective wash that cleans, conditions and strengthens the delicate fibers in your hosiery and prevents runs before they start! Our custom formulation bonds with and fortifies each individual fiber, increasing the strength, durability and elasticity of your hosiery. You will experience silky hosiery with unbelievable lasting durability. WARNING:Discontinue use if irritation to sensitive skin.e

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